Q-Ceps Payment Platform

  Online Transactions

When payment has been authorized, it is credited to the FMCG customer’s bank account quickly and efficiently, with an email confirming transaction details.

  Cash and Cheques elimination from the payment process

Collection and reconciliation of cheques and cash is replaced by electronic payments, including defered payments facility by distributors and merchants authorized by the FMCG.

  Deferred Payments

CEPS replaces the use of post-dated cheques with electronic deferred payments.

  Accepts payments from any MasterCard or VISA debit card

Accepts payments from any MasterCard or VISA debit and credit cards issued by any bank.

  Management System to Reconcile Payments

Transaction details are provided through the CEPS Management Information System (MIS), enabling analysis and tracking of transactions by both bank and corporate FMCG.

  Secure Application

Payments are accepted only through hardware registered with CEPS.