Q-Cards refers to the ‘Quintessential Integration’ of payment cards across the CEPS payment platform. This module allows payments to be accepted using traditional credit and debit cards issued by any bank but backed by Visa and Mastercard.

The CEPS platform offers the opportunity to accept payment from customers using pre-registered visa and mastercards.   Combined with QR codes this offers a seamless way to upload payment details and the amount to be paid directly to the payee’s android device where their ‘Q Payments’ app will enable the transaction. Messages are then generated which appear on both the deliverers and the payees android devices.

Q-Cards currently works with Visa and Mastercard

Improved Cash Flow
Payments are authorized and secured quickly and efficiently.

Electronic Deferred Payments

Payments can be processed on an agreed date without the need for post-dated cheques.

No more cheques and cash

Reconciliation is simplified
No more physical banking of cheques or bounced cheques
No more handling and transporting cash
Opportunities for fraud are reduced or eliminated
No cost for collection process

Simple Usability

User friendly interface with a robust QR code system streamlines payments
Elimination of cash and cheques as they are replaced by bank cards
Electronic notifications (receipts) are sent confirming the payment

Ease of Deployment

Simple plug-and-play implementation into the MiGS/MPGS platform
Up and running in less than a week.
No intrusive integration or exhaustive processes
Can be implemented remotely

Acceptance – Cards

Accept payment from any VISA or MasterCard debit card from any bank


Risk of transporting large amounts of cash is removed

Advertise company ‘No Cash’ policy on vehicles drivers’ clothing

Competitive advantage

Highly innovative payments system enables Banks to strengthen their relative position in the corporate banking market by offering CEPS to the clients
Opens up opportunities to develop value-chain relationships strengthening the ties between the bank, its corporate customers, distributors and merchants alike.
Improved customer retention