O CEPS Agora Também Fala Português!

Yes, CEPS now also speaks Portuguese!

As a tool for Management and Finance Departments in companies, and to reduce and eliminate cash and cheques, and risks associated with it, on daily distribution operations across Mozambique, CEPS is a recognized valuable tool, that makes transactions simpler and safer.

Initially available only in English, is was accessible and clearly understood by part of our clients and their respective clients. But this was mostly at a higher and management level, as proficiency in English is not typical in Mozambique. Having identified this, it was understood that translation of both the CEPS App and Portal was a key and critical factor for success of the platform in Mozambique.

This mission was taken with great enthusiasm as it meant it would make CEPS more attractive and easily accessible to a wider audience, with less effort and training to our clients (and down their own chains). TBP’s Mozambique team was a great supporter and initiator of this double language feature and took upon themselves the task to develop it along with TBP’s highly dedicated IT team at Head Office in UK.

We’re pleased to announce that CEPS, App and Portal, will be available in Portuguese in next few days!

Call us or emails us for more in-depth details and a presentation of CEPS full capabilities – now also In Portuguese!


Marco Baessa Pinto
Country Manager for Mozambique
Maputo, 21st of June, 2019