Nosso Produto - Sistema de Pagamento Eletrônico Corporativo (CEPS)

We have designed and developed a “Business to Business” electronic collections/payment system that enables Corporate entities (FMCGs) to be paid by their distributors and merchants for goods using a debit card anywhere in Africa. The CEPS platform has been further developed to accept mobile money payments too. CEPS is integrated with MasterCard’s MiGS payment gateway, letting us partner with MiGS accredited banks and their corporate customers. MIGS includes Mastercard and Visa cards. CEPS includes the unique ability to replace post-dated cheques with electronic deferred payments controlled by the supplier giving flexible payment terms to valuable business partners.

Opportunities To Grow Business

Important elements of CEPS include simplicity for the users with as ‘few touches’ as possible to make payments, advanced functionality, analysis through the back office, control over payments and deliveries, virtual elimination of bad debt, faster cash flow, fast identification of all CEPS payments through to invoice and account level and so on …

Control over payments will help in cash flow

Control over bad debt increases profitability

Elimination of cash and cheques saves time, saves in collection & processing costs

Elimination of cash reduces risk to your drivers and employees

Replace cheques with deferred payments puts you in control

Replace cheques with deferred payments restricted to clients with good credit

Replace cheques with deferred payments as a reward for increased T/O

Identification of payments benefits accountancy practices

The addition of GPS benefits routing planning analysis

The addition of GPS can be used in matters of security

And then there is the use of ‘data’ in Management Information Statistics and here we pass the baton to you. Use your imagination to create reports, look at trends compare routes, travel times, transactions rates by day, by week by month, by year there is enough to keep you busy ……