This is Why CEPS is an Empowering Business Tool!

Historically Africa has been left in the shadow of technology, and most times adopting technologies that are phased or being phased out elsewhere. It is also true that many technologies did not fully make their way into Africa having almost being skipped altogether. A great example is that Africa has leapfrogged endless streams of telephone poles and wires that cascade across other continents. Africa is now connected to the world through mobile devices. And these numbers only keep growing.

Being one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, where one the biggest investments and development projects in all of Africa have just been announced (in the mining and LNG fields), Mozambique is a star in emerging markets, an unpolished gem. As a great deal of opportunities and demand arise, supply must keep up.

Traditional distribution and trade most times assumes a dangerous position, as it involves carrying cash (and checks). Great part of the country remains unbanked and is also not yet covered by critical banking services.

CEPS is part of the solution! We now have mobile devices in the hands of “everyone” and eWallets readily and easily available to anyone. CEPS now offers the opportunity of accepting payments from a mobile device, through it’s owner’s personal or corporate eWallet account. No more cash, and transactions are reported directly and live to management through the CEPS Portal: reconciliation done easily! Actually: instantly! GPS coordinates can be matched to that of the delivery teams scheduled route: amazing! By using CEPS, companies now have more control of their money and distribution operations.

CEPS is also being integrated into the Mozambican banking system and soon will be able to process bank to bank transactions, and also able to accept VISA and MASTERCARD cards as a means of payment.

Please do not hesitate to call us or emails us for more in depth details and a presentation of CEPS’ full capabilities!

Marco Baessa Pinto
Country Manager for Mozambique
Maputo, 21st of June, 2019