Paulo Jorge Rodrigues Camal – Head of Global Business Development

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Tel/Mobile: +258 843 008 200                                  Skype: tbpPaulo
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Paulo Camal has over 30 years of experience in the banking industry, specialising in the electronic banking environment where he was the project manager that guided implementation of the first ATM’s and POS network in Mozambique in 1998.
He Started his career in Portugal working for BCP Millennium, Portugal’s biggest bank, where he quickly gained responsibilities in the cards department. In 1995 he was invited to join a 13 person team to open Millennium BIM in Mozambique with the responsibility to design, develop and implement the country’s first network of ATM’s and POS.

Paulo was also responsible for the issuance of the first VISA card in Mozambique while he was working for Millennium BIM. Later he moved to United Bank for Africa as Head of Corporate Banking before being head hunted to as Head of TSG (Transaction Services Group) for Ecobank in Mozambique.

Paulo has a degree in Business Management and Marketing from The Institute of Science and Technology of Mozambique (ISCTEM)

Country over view by P. Camal “The Central Bank of Mozambique has chosen financial inclusion as one of its  policy priorities. The recent and relatively widespread dissemination of electronic means of payment such as POS’s, mobile banking (provided by banks), and mobile money (provided through cell phone operators) represent enormous potential in terms of incentivising access to formal financial institutions. These forms of payment have clear advantages in terms of safety and ease of use through cards and cell phones. In particular, use of cell phones in Mozambique has exploded in recent years, with more than 70 percent of the population are covered by cell phone antennas equaling more than 9 million subscribers. Therefore, there is an enormous potential for the use of electronic payment systems in Mozambique.”
M-Pesa, TBP &Mozambique by TBP Operations TBP can now offer M-Pesa dedicated payments on our CEPS payment platform in Mozambique. As of November TBP are able to use the mobile money service offered by M-Pesa to enact cash payments for our clients and provide back office support with Q-Portal and Q-MIS. Paulo Camal, Head of Global Corporate Business Development, Said “M-Pesa currently has more than 3 million customers, and establishing this partnership with M-Pesa here in Mozambique is mandatory for an optimized proliferation of CEPS, covering several sectors of activity and covering the entire value chain”.